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Crashed when it is executed at boot by systemd.


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Jul 24 15:57:27 localhost.localdomain systemd-coredump[710]: Process 707 (synergyc) of user 0 dumped core. Stack trace of thread 707: #0 0x000000000044bbd5 _ZN9ClientApp8mainLoopEv (synergyc) #1 0x000000000044f491 _ZN3App14daemonMainLoopEiPPKc (synergyc) #2 0x00000000004386ed _ZN14ArchDaemonUnix9daemonizeEPKcPFiiPS1_E (synergyc) #3 0x000000000044b58e _ZN9ClientApp8runInnerEiPPcP13ILogOutputterPFiiS1_E (synergyc) #4 0x000000000044f502 _ZN3App3runEiPPc (synergyc) #5 0x0000000000437803 main (synergyc) #6 0x00007f2a6a0d9790 __libc_start_main (libc.so.6) #7 0x00000000004375d9 _start (synergyc) The above is the journalctl log. But it is OK when I manually run the service by systemctl. It only happens at boot. My distribution is Fedora 22 on x86_64 machine. Is there anyone who knows the reason?
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