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Synergy 1 - connecting a wireless laptop

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I've been using Synergy 1 and it's been perfect, but I tried to add my laptop to my setup as a client PC and had a ton of problems with it. So I switched to Synergy 2 but it was finicky when trying to get it to work properly. 
I'm just wondering what the best way to connect my laptop to synergy 1 would be since it's the most stable. It gives me "ERROR: Failed to get desktop path". I've attempted to setup my laptop the exact same way as I did with my 2nd pc but it just doesn't want to work. Is there generally an issue with connecting a laptop that isn't connected via Ethernet? My laptop doesn't have a port for it so my only option is via wifi. Synergy 2 worked just fine as far as connecting the computers goes, but Synergy 2 just gave me a lot of issues when trying to use it.
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