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Synergy 1.x for Linux - autoswitch between client/server (script)


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I'm sharing my Bash script and autostart desktop files for starting Synergy version 1.x in client/server mode (using autoswitch and loop). Includes a short guide to enable Synergy @ Ubuntu 18.04 login window (GDM3 greeter).

NOTE: This script simply checks if remote Synergy server responds and connects to that server. It falls back to 2nd server and as a last resort creates it's own server. It doesn't work anything like the Synergy v. 2 where keyboard activity causes switching between computers!

I recently made this script for my IOMMU/VFIO (GPU Passthrough) Windows 10 Gaming virtual machine running under Linux host. The Win 10 VM switches also between client/server, but based on if a specific USB device (keyboard) is connected or not. I sometimes also like to switch my laptop as a server to control my desktop computer.

Until Synergy 2.x has custom settings and keyboard shortcuts I'm going to use this in the mean while. I hope someone finds some use for it as well.

Files and guide located at: https://github.com/firedo/synergy-autoswitch
(Windows script based on if USB device is connected: https://github.com/firedo/synergy-windows-switch-usb)

Feel free to use, edit & share the files. Pull requests for bugs or extra features are welcome @ github.

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