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Synergy as an X extension?

Darren Grove

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Darren Grove

So I use synergy between Windows and Linux computers, and am often frustrated with dealing with the need to handle running synergy differently at the login screen than when logged in as a user.

I use HP computers, and use HP's Remote Graphics software as an alternative to Remote Desktop.  The Linux installation of the HP Remote Graphics software installs as an X extension.  This allows it to run whenever the X server is running, including at login and screensaver screens that cause trouble for synergy.

Would it be possible to run synergy2 as an X extension that runs as part of the X server?  This strikes me as the perfect way to run synergy, since I want it running whenever I'm in the graphical environment.

I have no idea about compatibility with various X servers, or wayland, or how maintainable this architecture would be.  But I wanted to suggest it so those who do know those details can think about whether this idea makes sense.

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