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using keyboard on client computer disconnects it from the server

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Server: Windows 10, desktop, running Synergy v2.0.12 (beta)
Client: macOS High Sierra, macbook pro, running Synergy v2.0.12 (beta)

Reproduction Steps:
Move mouse from server to client computer and hit any key on the client computer's keyboard. This will instantly disconnect the client from the server. Opening the synergy app on the server or the client will re-establish the connection.

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Some updated information

  • Clicking the trackpad on my macbook also disconnects it.
  • Moving to the server mouse to the client (macbook) computer isn't necessary. Simply hitting a key or clicking the trackpad will disconnect it from the server
  • Using trackpad gestures (i.e. 4 finger swipe) does not disconnect synergy. Only physically clicking the trackpad does it.

In all cases, Opening the Synergy UI automatically triggers it to reconnect and then everything works again.

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Curtis W Carter

As I understand, when you hit a key on the client's keyboard, it tells synergy to re-evaluate which system is the server. The idea is that one mouse/keyboard should be used for both systems. Optional Keyboard sharing/tracking would be excellent to work around this. I have found that using the keyboard on the server causes the server to take over again just fine. (Linux Mint and Windows 10 October 2018 Update).

I have a really small desk at home so my laptop has no room for a keyboard in front of it, but my desktop keyboard is only positioned correctly for using on it's monitors and not my laptop as well.

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