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Duplicate Display Name Error

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I have used synergy for a long time between a Windows 10 Machine and a macOS machine with no problems. I have recently installed Linux Mint as a dual boot with my windows machine. The problem is that my Linux Mint machine has a display name of "liam" and my macbook has a display name of "Liam". Both machines show up and can be dragged and drop but I get the infinite loading bars on both icons. When I sent a log, the error was as follows.


[ Core    ] synergy-core: no configuration available
[ Service ] [2018-09-09T16:31:07] debug: core process exited: exit code=4 expected=false error=Success
[ Service ] [2018-09-09T16:31:07] debug: core process I/O cancelled unexpectedly
[ Service ] [2018-09-09T16:31:09] debug: starting core process with command: /usr/bin/synergy-core --server -f --run-as-uid 1000 --display :0 --debug DEBUG --name liam --enable-drag-drop --profile-dir /var/lib/synergy --log /var/log/synergy/synergy-core.log -c /var/lib/synergy/synergy.conf --address
[ Service ] [2018-09-09T16:31:09] debug: core process started, id=3048
[ Core    ] [2018-09-09T16:31:09] INFO: ignoring --enable-drag-drop, not supported on linux.
[ Core    ] [2018-09-09T16:31:09] DEBUG: opening configuration "/var/lib/synergy/synergy.conf"
[ Core    ] [2018-09-09T16:31:09] ERROR: cannot read configuration "/var/lib/synergy/synergy.conf": read error: line 16: duplicate screen name "liam"


I believe the problem is that i have the same display name liam on both machines and do not know how to change this display name in synergy.


Please help!

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