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Putting computers to sleep, stops the synergy server


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Maybe I am just missing a setting somewhere, but I have 2 problems:
1. I can't wake up the client computer from my server computer. I have to physically go to it and wake it up.
2. Even once both computers are turned on, I have to manually hit "apply" on both computers to be operational again.

Extra info: Both computers are going into 100% memory sleep. There is no hard disk usage in this sleep mode.

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Synergy 1 Basic on both computers.
Windows 10 Professional one the client computer.

Windows 10 Home on the server computer.

Both computers are on 10.0.17134 Build.

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Assuming you mean "Cannot wake up computer using Synergy mouse". Can you provide some details -- what operating systems are in use on both client and server, and any other settings related to power that might help us troubleshoot your issue?

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