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windows 10 and ubuntu works only one direction


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any solution to this?

it was working well for me for some time and then one day it just like this.... can use mouse and keyboard from windows 10 (BUT can't see my mouse its invisible on my ubuntu)



2018-09-07T14:39:56] WARNING: cannot listen for clients: cannot bind address: Address already in use
[2018-09-07T14:39:56] DEBUG: retry in 10 seconds

any ideas how to fix this?

also, synergy screen when using windows stuff is both screens green - dot on windows, but when a reverse white dot is on Ubuntu and windows have that loading bar...

I am using synergy 2.0.12 (tried uninstall and with 2.0.11 same thing)

PS it worked like 1 week ago with 2.0.12

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2 hours ago, iperez said:

It looks a bit like you have Synergy running twice.  Do you have Synergy 1 installed?  Or maybe a second installation of Synergy 2 somehow?

not on windows machine, on ubuntu machine Im not sure, but I have uninstalled it and tried to run it with command and it wasnt installed twice...

I do not own synergy 1, but I have install that free branch that was made from synergy (only on windows machine but only AFTER I got this issue)

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