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Client disconnects while logging into Windows 10

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I have 2 Windows 10 machines connected via Synergy
    -desktop (Synergy server) - ethernet
    -laptop (client)  - wireless

When I open the laptop lid which wakes it out of sleep it takes a second or two for the client to connect to the server, which is to be expected. 
I then move the mouse from the server to the client and click once on the lockscreen to bring up the password box . Immediately the client disconnects and the cursor jumps back to the server (Disconnect 1) . The client reconnects a second or two later and then I can move the mouse back to the client to input the password in the Windows 10 login box . Again as soon as I enter password and hit return, the client disconnects and cursor jumps back to the server (Disconnect 2) 
Again it takes a second or 2 to reconnect and now I can interact with the client normally. 

This is more of an annoyance then a major problem, but is this the expected behavior? 

When the Server detects the client disconnect the logs read 

[2018-08-23T14:07:04] NOTE: client "client" has disconnected
[2018-08-23T14:07:04] INFO: jump from "client" to "server" at 960,540
[2018-08-23T14:07:04] INFO: entering screen

The log from the client side reads 

2018-08-23T14:14:59] NOTE: stopped client
[2018-08-23T14:14:59] WARNING: detected application not running, pid=7820
[2018-08-23T14:15:00] INFO: backing off, wait=2s, failures=1
[2018-08-23T14:15:02] INFO: starting new process
[2018-08-23T14:15:02] INFO: activeDesktop:Default
[2018-08-23T14:15:02] INFO: starting new process
[2018-08-23T14:15:02] INFO: drag and drop enabled
RROR: failed to get deskt
p p
ath, n
o d
 target available, e
[2018-08-23T14:15:02] NOTE: started client


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I don't know how much help this is but for me, being temporarily thrown off Synergy when a Client does certain things is expected. I couldn't say how much of it is by design of Synergy or of the software on the Client machine (I've theorised that some activities for security reasons on some machines try to prevent remote access / control) but it is normal in my experience.

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