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Transferring Live/Active Applications Across Devices


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Hey all,


So the future of IoT is more than just fluent KVM's, the future of IoT is transferring active/live applications seamlessly across devices. Currently it would appear that Synergy on its own is far from achieving this capability but I know there are ways to make it work.


Right now the best I've come up with is creating a virtual monitor on the server that I control through a remote LogMeIn connection on the client so that the client acts as a third monitor for the server.

The only problem with this method is that you're still limited to the GPU potential of the server's graphics card. If the server GPU can only run 2 monitors, then you can only create 1 virtual monitor for one client to log into.


So I want to be able to create more virtual monitors than what the server GPU would normally allow and to do this I'm probably looking for a way to shift the resources being used from one machine to another when applications are moved from the screen of one device to the screen of another. Is there any way to achieve this with the tools currently available to the general public?


Please let me know any thoughts or ideas any of you may have. Highly appreciated.


Thank you,

Kevin Burris

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