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Support for 32bit non windows systems?

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Chuck Geise

Have you dropped support for 32bit non-windows systems?

I have been converting my old PCs (that are not compatible with Win7+10) to Linux flavors.

When I tried to download the current version of Synergy I could not find anything for these systems 

Since ALL my computers are 32bit, Synergy will be worthless with out this support.

Will I be stuck on 1.7 ??

No, I do NOT want a refund (Paid for V2 already)


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Windows XP hasn't been publicly supported for many years now. This means, if it works it works and if it doesn't nobody is going to make it work.

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Chuck Geise

Very true, XP is ancient by PC Standards.

My systems can't support Win7 easily much less Win10

To upgrade the HW would be just too expensive.

One solution would be a non-win os, but if x32 are not supported then this wonderful program is useless for me.

Suggest full support in ver1 and if necessary restrict it in ver2


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