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sudden onset: mouse click on second computer sometimes fails

Robert Krpoun

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Robert Krpoun

I have two Windows 10 x64 machines connected, one has keyboard and mouse (primary) second has No keyboard and No mouse, but Does have a touchscreen.
This setup has been working perfectly ever since 2.0.12 was released. I keep both machines up to date on Microsoft patches.

Neither has had significant hardware or software changes recently.

Now, about once a day, I lose the ability to click on the secondary computer... mouse movement works fine, but just cannot left or right click.

Restarting Synergy on the primary usually fixes it.

Could this have been induced by a MS patch?  Anyone else having this issue?

(sorry, I'll try to snag a log next time it happens...)


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Christopher S. Bates

I have the same thing happening on the Beta. It appears to be linked with meeting/screen sharing software on my machine. Restarting the synergy service seems to correct it.

If someone can tell me where to pull logs I can grab them from both machines the next time it happens.

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Robert Krpoun

Ok, the "can move the mouse and type with keyboard, but can't left or right click" thing happened again just now, got logs this time!

55442-2018-08-19T13-25-38.log is from "host" machine, 

55442-2018-08-19T13-31-41.log is from "cllient" machine. 

Restarting Synergy on "host" machine fixes the problem.



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I have had this problem happening consistently for a very long time. Not occasionally, but all the time. However, in my case I have found an easy "fix" that is tolerable enough that I have continued to use the software in spite of this annoyance.

My setup: Two machines, both running Windows 10. Machine A has the physical mouse and keyboard. Machine B does not. 

The problem: I never have any problems when moving the cursor from machine B to machine A. However, very often when I move from machine A to machine B I find that I can type and move the mouse but it will not take my clicks.

My "fix": When this happens, I move the mouse from machine B to machine A, click on the desktop (not on a window), and then move back to machine B. Once I do that, everything works as expected. 

This problem happens to me often. I would estimate between 33%and 50% of the time. I have yet to notice a pattern as to when it happens and when it does not.



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