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Mouse delay across screen but only on middle of interface and not on corner

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I use Synergy 1 basic (1.10.0-stable), Win 10 (32 in monitor) as server, and Mac OS (15 in built-in screen) as client.

When I move mouse from Mac to Win 10, the delay of mouse is different based on where you move the mouse from Mac to Win 10:

    if at upper 5% of the interface between them, the mouse moves from Mac to Win 10 without any delay;

    if at lower 5% of the interface between, no delay

    but in between, the rest of 90% of the interface between two screen, the delay is unacceptable, extremely long

Plus, whenever I move mouse from Win 10 to Mac, the delay is as slow as the 90% of interface happening above.


Does anyone know if there is anything wrong with it? 

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