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Synergy 1 Basic - 3D Applications (Gaming...)

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Hi there,

i just bought Synergy today to finish my new Proxmox Workstation Computer.

I run Debian as the VM Host and a Windows 10 Gaming VM which i connected using Synergy 1 Basic.

The Debian machine is the server.


Now, if i startup Minecraft for example, the menu works great just like everything else, but the main game window, where you use to walk arround in your world, is just awful.

The cursor is permanently flipping arround. Totally unacceptable.

Is there a possibility to set a Hotkey that actually LOCKS the cursor to the CURRENT Screen?

I already tried it, but the hotkey functionality doesnt seem to work that well... just like drag n drop, copy paste... you get the point.


Except these little issues, its working very well by the way!

Hope someone can help me there.

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Contacted the support now.

The forums seems to be afraid of this specific question ._.


I ordered an USB Switch to circumvent that issue when i want to play games for now.

Hopefully, this will be fixed when Synergy 2 comes out.


For productivity and general purpose browsing etc., it works like a charm!

If someone has an idea how to get this to work, I still very appreciate any answers! :)

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