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Gnome workspace 0 not working in Debian

Matt Seymour

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Matt Seymour

Bit of an odd issue but I hope someone has had something similar or can shed some light on the problem for me.

Environment: DebainĀ 9, Gnome 3, Using workspaces (via gnome-tweak-tool)

Issue: Synergy works on all workspaces except workspace 0

Log: (No error areĀ raised, it simply will not let me share from this workspace.)

[2018-08-01T11:56:51] DEBUG: starting process
[2018-08-01T11:56:51] INFO: starting server
[2018-08-01T11:56:51] INFO: command: /usr/bin/synergys -f --no-tray --debug DEBUG1 --name dellboy --enable-crypto -c /tmp/Synergy.qzhbrI --address :24800 --serial-key ****
[2018-08-01T11:56:51] INFO: config file: /tmp/Synergy.tOJqFG
[2018-08-01T11:56:51] INFO: log level: DEBUG1
[2018-08-01T11:56:51] DEBUG: opening configuration "/tmp/Synergy.qzhbrI"
[2018-08-01T11:56:51] DEBUG: configuration read successfully
[2018-08-01T11:56:51] DEBUG1: starting server
[2018-08-01T11:56:51] DEBUG: XOpenDisplay(":0")
[2018-08-01T11:56:51] DEBUG1: thread 0x00000002 entry
[2018-08-01T11:56:51] DEBUG: xscreensaver window: 0x00000000
[2018-08-01T11:56:51] DEBUG: screen shape: 0,0 2560x1440 
[2018-08-01T11:56:51] DEBUG: window is 0x03800004
[2018-08-01T11:56:51] DEBUG: adopting new buffer
[2018-08-01T11:56:51] DEBUG: opened display
[2018-08-01T11:56:51] DEBUG1: registered event type error as 4
[2018-08-01T11:56:51] DEBUG1: registered event type suspend as 5
[2018-08-01T11:56:51] DEBUG1: registered event type resume as 6
[2018-08-01T11:56:51] DEBUG1: creating primary screen



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