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File can not transfer between Win and MacOS

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I have enabled the "drag and drop file transfers" at server site (MacOS) , But I can not drag the file with mouse between client (windows) and server (macos)

Is there anyone can help me?  Thanks


[2018-07-25T10:48:07] INFO: starting server

[2018-07-25T10:48:07] INFO: config file: /var/folders/0n/6hs8lz2d2_71ct85s_sz05c00000gn/T/Synergy.EWu672

[2018-07-25T10:48:07] INFO: log level: INFO

[2018-07-25T10:48:07] INFO: drag and drop enabled

[2018-07-25T10:48:07] NOTE: started server, waiting for clients

2018-07-25 10:48:07.395 synergys[675:65316] starting cocoa loop

[2018-07-25T10:48:07] NOTE: accepted client connection

[2018-07-25T10:48:07] NOTE: client "RequieM-Laptop" has connected

[2018-07-25T10:48:16] INFO: switch from "RequieM-MacBookPro" to "RequieM-Laptop" at 1365,268

[2018-07-25T10:48:16] INFO: leaving screen

[2018-07-25T10:48:17] INFO: switch from "RequieM-Laptop" to "RequieM-MacBookPro" at 18,319

[2018-07-25T10:48:17] INFO: entering screen

屏幕快照 2018-07-25 10.50.18.png

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