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Synergy 2 device asynchronicity


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It'd be really cool to be able to chose to have whichever mouse or keyboard I happen to be using just work.

I know it's really nice to have one mouse locked to one screen sometimes and another that commutes, the same is true of some keyboards say a laptop keyboard and trackpad that only works to the laptop, but having the computer next to it coming to take over but there are times where I have my hands on a keyboard (mechanical plugged in) from one computer and mouse (part of a wireless set) from another and even if it's a hotkey to make it happen being able to just continue as though they're attached together could be useful. The wired mouse I really like to always be attached to one screen for tapping on links etc while I like the wireless keyboard kind of out of the way cause it's not as good as my mechanical one, but sometimes gets used when I'm not at my desk.

Yes I could swap the devices over so everything is connected to where's most convenient for synergy, I use the wireless mouse as the one I don't want to swap screens but then if I only have that computer turned on I might have to swap everything back so my mechanical keyboard is where it belongs.

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I often use my Laptop in front of my Pc, so I can only use my Laptop keyboard. But with this feature I could at least use my Pcs Mouse, so I can only endorse it

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Basically forget the master/slave relationship, and have all keyboards and all mice/trackpads active all the time, and it would solve all of these problems

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Actually, you've all missed one point about this request that does make it different

I don't want every mouse or every keyboard to just be the master if I'm touching it and for them to have independent master and slave relationships with the systems

I want Keyboard A to ALWAYS control computer A, Mouse B to ALWAYS control computer B and Mouse A and Keyboard B to move Computers A, B, C, etc as necessary, as a unit and all the C, D, etc keyboards and mice never become the master.

Having it so when I pick up my B mouse it's in the same position as the A mouse on the same screen as the A mouse was would mean I don't have any use for the B mouse at all other than not having A computer turned on.

Right now I can have Mouse B always on Computer B able to select music or videos to play next and the mouse barely needs more than a twitch to do that, I love that, what I hate is that I can't always use my prefered keyboard with my prefered mouse.

And since Master isn't constantly being stolen by C, D, etc 2 or more people can work on the systems together, me with the A&B machines can take the control anywhere I want still but if someone wants to use computer C and I don't need it we're not constantly interfering with each other by overriding the master.

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