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Keybinding to work on both PCs


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I am trying to find out if there is a way to have a key stroke work on my client PC while my mouse and keyboard are on the server PC. I am a Twitch streamer and  I like using Synergy to run both my PCs. I use 1 PC just for gaming and the other for everything else. The goal is while using the mouse and keyboard are on the gaming PC (server PC) I can use the F12 key to mute discord which is running on the client PC. Is this possible? Both PCs are running Windows 10 and I am still using Synergy v1. Thanks in advance! 

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At this point in the Synergy development cycle, you are probably going to have the best experience by sticking to V 1.

We will have to wait for another Moderator to chime in. I'm still on V2 beta and can't experiment on V1.

Several forum users have discussed keybinding with Synergy, you may get some insight by doing a quick search. Please, if you work out how to make it work to your satisfaction, come back and post about it for the rest of the forum to learn from.

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