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Synergy Refund Policy

Synergy Refund Policy  

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Kelvin Tran

To Synergy users,

Over the past few months, we've received a fair share of complaints from various users about the software and who have been unsatisfied with the software. We have also received a fair number of complaints on the forums about the refund process and the Symless staff have as well. We (the moderation team as well as Symless staff) are taking steps to be more transparent to you guys (the users) and this is one of the ways that we plan to achieve at least more transparency than we had before.

We work hard to ensure that every user that uses the software is satisfied, whether it be Symless offering the support and contact channels, or whether it be the moderation staff that work hard with its users to both ensure that the community forums are kept professional and fun and to help users whenever they have issues in whatever ways we can. But sometimes, the workflows that users have just can't integrate the convenience that Synergy provides effectively, or sometimes, releases can be buggy as to break a workflow. In that situation where we can't help you, Symless support staff are happy to begin the refund process for however much you paid for Synergy.

Here's how it works. You decide that after all of your posting on the forums or your contact with Symless staff, Synergy simply won't work for you and you have no interest in dedicating more time to try to make it work. You then email [email protected] stating that Synergy hasn't been working for you and that you would like for a refund to be given. Symless will then ask you questions regarding why you have made this decision in an effort to try to help you one last time to see if there's something they can do. If there isn't or if you have your mind set on receiving a refund, regardless of whether there is a reason for your decision or not, they will immediately start a refund process in order to get you your money back! And that's all. In a matter of time, you will receive your refund.

As we said, we work hard to ensure that every user of our software is happy and satisfied with their newly-found convenience. It makes little sense to us as moderators and to Symless as a company to try to keep unhappy customers in the ecosystem when it goes against their/our bottom line; to improve a user's workflow. We will try to help you, nonetheless, but we don't want to force anyone to continue to use Synergy. You will get a refund if you ask.

Thank you for supporting our mission to make the world a more seamless place.


Kelvin Tran

Certified Information Technology Specialist

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