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Periodic pings to ensure connectivity


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Hey guys, first post here so forgive me if there are some guidelines that I'm not following or if this has been posted before (I did briefly peruse the search feature on this issue).

I'm having a pretty regular issue where my devices will disconnect without me knowing, and then when I attempt to use the keyboard on a client other than the one I'm using it does not work and requires me to re-setup synergy. So the solution:

Would it be possible to periodically ping all devices connected to make sure synergy is getting a response back? If no response comes back, open up an alert on that device or notify the primary device that some devices disconnected. 

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Mathieu Aubin

Can you make sure, next time it happens, that your clipboard doesn't contain jpg/png or any type of substancial (in size and not text) data?

I'm asking because thats a problem i have (fedora 26,27,28 x86_64 with either synergy 1.8.8 / 2.0 'pro/registered')

This isn't by any means an attempt at trying to solve the problem (sorry) but it has some similarities with what i face from time to time with above described data in the clipboard. I need to kill synergys so it releases the hold on my input devices (as if it was disconnected)

I must kill, from a ssh tty client-side, like so

ssh -t 'kill -9 `pidof synergys`' user@host

and then restart synergys

Thanks and sorry for highjacking and oh, have you checked your log files?

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