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Windows unable to detect another windows box on the network

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Just in case someone has this issue, I decided to post a possible fix:


I installed a copy of Synergy 2.0.12-beta on 2 Win 10 boxes.  Both installs went fine but neither box could find the other.  I noticed that each box was showing the same hostname for it's screen.  Turns out that the 2nd Win 10 box I installed I had used the same hostname as the first.  Not usually an issue as I use both as clients and don't usually use the host name to get from one to the other (don't usually connect from one to the other).  Figured it would be an easy fix and changed hostname 2 and rebooted.  Then uninstalled and re-installed the Synergy 2 software.  The software still did not work.  The fix ended up being finding the Synergy key in the registry and deleting it after an uninstall, and reinstalling the software.  Works fine now.

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Glad to hear that Synergy is working for you now.

That's a good explanation of the fix you came up with.

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