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Synergy 2 mouse sticks to edge of screen

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I have a current setup that looks like this:

                 PC Secondary Display |   PC Main Display | Macbook Pro Display

My server is the PC and the macbook is the client. Moving from the PC main display to the Macbook display, if I am moving the mouse to fast, the mouse gets hung up on the edge of the PC display. If I go slow, there is no hang up. Wondering if this is a known issue or if I should upload some logs here.

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Hello tripp,

Do you mean that, when rushing your mouse, the transition doesn't rush and there is a (small) delay between hitting screen edge and entering macbook ?
Or that you're really stuck ?

What I notice quite often on a similar setup, is that when I didn't switched from "server" to "client" for a long time, I got stuck for a fraction of a second before transitionning, no matter my cursor speed.

I consider this behaviour as some kind of sleep the processes on both computer start without activity for a certain amount of time.

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I've had this happen, but not in quite a while.

In my arrangements, I think it's related to the position of the screens in Synergy. If the bottom of one screen is a little higher than another, there seems to be a sort of void space where the cusor can get lost.

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