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Print Screen not working on W10, client PC takes it as ALT

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Hi Folks, 

I'm working with 2 PCs running W10 PRO. Version 1709 Build 16299.461. In the Server PC where I have connected my keyboard via USB directly works perfectly now when I move to the client PC and I hit the print screen button it does not work. After some testing I've noticed that the Print Screen it's been taken as an ALT key. 

If someone has a workaround or fix for this would be appreciated.  I'm running V 2.0.12-beta. 

Kind regards !


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If this is wide spread, maybe it would be interesting to know the specific keyboard.

I use a Logitech G-510. It seems to have the same keymap for win-7, win-10, and Linux Kubuntu 18.40.

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I also have this issue, both server and client are running Windows 10 64-bit OS Build 17314.407

synergy version 1.10.1-stable.

when using the printscreen button on the client pc it actually sends ALT+PrtScn, which causes the greenshot app to capture a whole window instead of just PrtScn for capture region.

I was able to change the settings of greenshot settings to work with the alt+prtscn, but this still should be fixed.


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FYI this happen in all versions as far as I have seen. It sends both Alt and PrintScreen. If you're using a third party tool like Snaggit you can set the hotkey combination to Alt + PrintScreen to have it register properly.

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