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Some symbol keys do not work

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Computer 1 (Server)
Operating System: macOS Sierra (10.12)
Synergy Version: Synergy v1.9.1

Computer 2 (Client)
Operating System: Windows 10
Synergy Version: Synergy v1.9.1

Some symbol keys don't work, like


 [ ] : , . / ,

However, after restarting the computers on both sides, they can work again. After a while, they can no longer work.
Very distressed

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  • Synergy Team
Nick Bolton

Welcome to the forums! Quick reminder, you can contact the Synergy Team for direct support:


Or, if you'd rather get help here on the forums, that's fine too. When posting, please make sure you share your log links for all of your computers:


Often people can only help you troubleshoot if you share your log links. Please make sure you share only the actual log links (not the log file contents).

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