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there was a problem connecting to the background service

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I installed Synergy 2 and was up and running in minutes. Really like the software... for the ONE DAY that it actually worked. The following day I get the message "there was a problem connecting to the background service" on the windows machine.

Clicking retry did nothing. Hitting Shift+F5 on both computers like the help window instructed to do did nothing.

I uninstalled, rebooted, and reinstalled on both machines. Still the same issue.

My MacBook Air synergy window shows my MacBook Air and my Windows Desktop on the screen with the blue background. The screen icon for my Mac is green and my the icon for my Windows desktop is grey. When synergy was working it showed both screens as green and I was able to drag my mouse between screens using the trackpad on my Mac.

There have been zero changes to either system regarding OS changes or software changes/additions. It just worked one day and didn't the next and a fresh install on both computers does nothing to fix the problem.

Anybody know what's happening? It's beyond frustrating that there is no support phone number or live chat support and the support forms leave you with a message saying to wait 48 hours for a reply.

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I'm have the same issue running Synergy2 on a Macbook Pro and a Windows machine. Sometimes a reboot will do the trick, sometimes killing the running Synergy processes will take care of it, sometimes nothing fixes it and I have to resort to a two keyboard setup. It's really frustrating to have a great solution to a problem that only works sometimes. I'd like to be able to recommend Synergy to my coworkers, but I don't because it's completely unreliable.

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