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Synergy causing NAC Quarantine

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David Shempert
I am convinced that when using Synergy something is messing with the Screen Saver settings because on at least 4 different machines and multiple Windows platforms I do not get quarantined for network access without Synergy installed. As soon as I install Synergy on the machines I start getting quarantined saying that the Screen Saver is not secured when I know it is. I end up having to open the screen saver controls and uncheck and recheck "On resume, display logon screen" to regain network access. I have narrowed it down to it having something to do with Synergy because on the machines that I never install Synergy on I do not have this issue. Is there any way someone can look into it? The program that quarantines it is Extreme Networks (Entrasys) - Network Access Control its required for access to the network for my work VPN. I am about to my wits end here with the issue and since it doesn't occur on any of the PC's until Synergy is installed and working something in the app must alter or hook into the screen saver settings in some way. Does Synergy sync screen saver settings from Server to Client or vice-versa? I just wanted to see if someone can give some insight on it or possible work arounds to get the issue resolved for the time being. Thanks for your time
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