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Connections get confused when working with two laptops


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I'm currently working off two Windows laptops, and a wireless mouse connected to one of them.

SInce I keep flipping between screens, I find myself using the keyboards of the laptops themselves, rather than using a single machine as a host and the other as a client.

This works fine for keyboard input, but it seems every time I type on an alternate machine, Synergy switches to consider this machine to be the master.  If the mouse is plugged in to the other laptop, I find the pointer gets constrained to its native machine until I type again on the machine that hosts the mouse physically.

Basically, I want to be able to use Machine A's mouse, but machine B's keyboard at the same time, if that makes sense.

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Yeah, I used to do this, too. Automatically switching the server machine is a feature...that you can't override. At my main desk, I use both a wireless keyboard and mouse, but when I travel to a temporary site, I only attach a mouse and occasionally forget and type on the wrong keyboard. The first time it happened it about drove me batty. It's almost enough to push me back to v1, where this mode of use worked fine.

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