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Mouse click/key press on currently controlled computer ends control

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My Linux computer is my primary machine, and I use Synergy to allow me to control my MacBook Air for graphic design tasks.

I have an external Magic Trackpad paired with the MacBook so that I can use Mac-specific multi-touch gestures, which don't work if I pair the trackpad through my Linux computer.  

This works fine for me - I can be controlling the MacBook with my Linux computer via synergy, and simultaneously use the Magic Trackpad to move the mouse or perform gestures but continue to use the Linux-connected keyboard to control the Mac. This workflow is really common when I'm using apps like Photoshop or Sketch on the Mac - using the trackpad for panning and zooming, and the Linux-connected keyboard for keybindings.  

The problem is that whenever I click with the trackpad, Synergy ends the control session from the Linux computer, so I have to move my mouse back to the edge of the Linux machine's screen to resume control of the Mac. The same thing happens if you press a key on the MacBook Air's internal keyboard.

I think this is an intentional feature, but it slightly hinders my workflow. I have to remember not to click the trackpad at all and only use my mouse paired through the Linux machine to click.

It would be nice to have this be an option in the future.

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James Osborn

I think you are right.  If you'll notice, probably as soon as you click your trackpad, you can control your Linux box from THAT and your Mac keyboard.  In other words, there really is no Server/Client anymore.  They are equal and priority is established based on which machine you click or type from.

I would REALLY like an option to define which one is the server and STAY that way, like Synergy 1.x.  It could be a hot key to toggle the behavior for maximum flexibility.

I have a tangential issue with this that is frustrating so I will drop it here.  Sometimes my slave looses the ability to understand input from the server (designation based on who has priority as I defined above) while pointer control continues.  The workaround, is to toggle control back and forth:  click or type on the client so it becomes server, then click or type in original server so it becomes server again.  This works but there is significant delay to accomplish this - the transfer of priority does not seem to be instantaneous.  I assume this is due to the way the handshaking is implemented.  Maybe the processes actually toggle their behavior in some way (one BECOMES server, the other BECOMES slave) which takes time as opposed to both machines constantly communicating in both directions and the context just instantly switching.

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