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Problems with Synergy 2 - Multiple monitors

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Robin Watts

Hi all,

I'm using Synergy to allow me seamless access across a variety of machines on my desktop. I accept that this may be an extreme case, but there are a couple of things that are driving me nuts.

First, my setup:

  * Windows 10 desktop driving 3 x 1920x1200 monitors (call these W1,W2,W3. left to right)
  * A Windows 10 NUC driving a 1920x1200 TV (call this NUC, mounted above W2 and W3)
  * A Windows 10 laptop just above and to the right of W-3 (call this Lap)
  * A macbook to the right of this (call this Mac).

So overall my monitor layout looks like:

            [NUC]   [Lap][Mac]

(I hope that comes out OK with proportional fonts)

Now, Synergy 2 treats W-1, W-2 and W-3 as a single display, so that I have to configure it using drag and drop as:


I can live with this. The thing that drives me NUTS is what happens when the mouse pointer transitions between [W-1,W-2,W-3] and NUC. Synergy scales the whole top edge of [W-1,W-2,W-3] to match the bottom edge of NUC. When moving the mouse pointer upwards, this is fine, cos moving it out of the top of any screen moves it onto NUC. When moving down, however, if I move it out of the left hand bottom of NUC, rather than appearing on Win-2 as I'd like, it appears on the left of Win-1. This causes me to lose track of where the pointer has gone *EVERY* *SINGLE* *TIME*.

Now, I appreciate that maybe I just need to retrain myself, but it would be REALLY nice if synergy could actually show all the different monitors on a single machine in the config window (or to at least show them scaled according to the resolutions they use), and allow stuff to be configured properly.

Anyone else being bugged by this kind of thing?

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Robin Watts
20 minutes ago, GranPaSmurf said:

Is there a chance this is a result of Windows scaling in New version?

No. All my monitors are configured to be at 100%.

I believe it's purely that my windows desktop has a 5760 wide display surface, and the NUC has a 1920 wide one.

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I Have a similar issue where I have 3 monitors on the bottom and two monitors above, but separated and Synergy is very inconsistent about where the mouse can and cannot transition between the monitors. From the outside two lower monitors, I can't move to the top monitors, I have to move to the centre monitor first and move up to the top monitors. Coming down, the mouse basically does what I would like, coming straight down to the monitor below it, but it's not always consistent.

My system is a Windows 7 laptop with 3 monitors: 1680x1050 - 1920x1080 - 1680x1050 and a windows 10 laptop with 2 monitors: [1440x900] - [1440x900]

The Layout is as follows:

[W10-1]            [W10-2]

[ W7-1 ][ W7-2 ][ W7-3 ]

I think this is cause by Synergy not having any concept of multiple monitors and it treats these as a single large display. If the resolutions and numbers of screens attached to each system were identical it would probably work fine. But where there are differences or monitors are offset from each other, it gets confusing.

I think that there is a Feature request for adding support for positioning of Multiple monitors and hopefully such a feature would also take into account varying resolutions between monitors. But until that feature comes along, I think we're stuck with making do.

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I'm not sure I'm conceptualizing your set-up or how you would rather transition. Back in Version 1, we could set a keyboard combo that would switch to a screen directly. I've seen discussion of that being a feature of 2.1 but that's off on the horizon.

You might try a set-up where only the screen, you want, of a multi-monitor set-up, will transition. In a configuration like I have set-up, 'Petersen' is a 2 monitor box. Therefore only the single leftmost monitor, will access 'Lenovo,' and only the right-most ''Petersen' monitor will access 'Joiner-Laptop.' However my main screen, the left-most will access 'Lenovo.' and the right half of 'Jangalang.' will access 'Lenovo.'


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