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Issue and comment about 2.0

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I just upgraded yesterday. I am running Synergy 2.0. I use it between two Windows 10 machines: 1 desktop (master) and 1 laptop.  There doesn't seem to be a consistent way of starting and stopping the system reliably.  I tried to use the Disable Synergy but Synergy wouldn't reconnect to the Laptop when I used the Enable Synergy. I had to stop and restart the service on both machines to get them to reconnect. Also, I can't to stop it from sharing when I don't want it to. Quitting the Synergy Helper does nothing.  Since the Disable/Enable doesn't work well for me, the whole upgrade is disappointing.  I don't like the interface.  It take away way too much control from the user. Why can't we have the previous interface or at least, the ability to stop and start it with a button? Why was that taken away?

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The concept of Synergy 2.0 is that it automatically establishes a secure connection between all the computers in your network that have Synergy 2.0 installed. Hands-off. Install it and forget it.

The version 2.1 is in the works, with configuration options. Sadly, it's a few months away yet.

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