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Synergy 2.0.11-stable: something new broken?


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I've been using Synergy for several months without an issue by following my morning routine:

  1. Start up my PC's  (usually two win10 pro with latest patches, sometimes one win10 and one Ubuntu 16.04)
  2. Confirm Synergy working without keyboard or mouse lag
  3. Connect to work VPN from the laptop (the 'always' win10 machine) using F5 client
  4. Work

After a forced Synergy update, this morning, step 3 stops step 4 from happening.  Everything disconnects and I get the dreaded "There was a problem connecting to the background service. Retry" message.   Also, I DID manage to get it to stay connected once or twice...but the mouse had some crazy lag.  I tried getting support, but it requires log files, which can't be produced by your client with it disconnects and starts throwing errors.

Forcing the update was a pretty ordinary Microsoft-esque move, and now your product has failed me when I need to get work done.   I bought Synergy to SAVE time, not to give me something to tinker without instead of doing work.

I really hope you guys succeed as a company, but you need to understand why people buy your product.  FYI: It's not to save a few bucks on a mouse or keyboard as much as productivity gains.   One mistake like this is a pretty big setback and trust breaker.

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