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Mac High Sierra server , Win10 Laptop , Version 1 is better

Victor Emmanuel

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Victor Emmanuel


so I've been using Synergy 1 for a very long time, at work and at home , about a month ago I stared using version 2 at home  , but I am now switching back to version 1 

First I'm using Mac High Sierra as server , and I've got a Laptop with win10 as client, the Connection between Mac and Win10 doesn't get very well , they are both connected via LAN 

sometimes I'll take away my Laptop and it connect to WIFI . once I connect back to LAN , the connection takes forever to re-connect , Sometimes I had to Restart Both computers to get it working . 

Also , while using both computer on LAN , it loses connection from time to time, and no way to get it working again. 

3rd issue I found is the Keyboard, Since version 2 . my new Mac Magic keyboard (the one without the Keypad) doesn't type correctly , all the symbols are mess up , \|]{ doesn't type right 

Same environment as for me using Version 1 and 2 . now I'm back on version 1 and all issue is now resolved 



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