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Monitor size/resolution scaling

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Add monitor scaling.

If I have a 1080p and 2160p monitors side by side, I'd like the cursor to to be able to go from 2160p to 1080p monitor only by going from the bottom portion (which height is 1080p) and to have that bottom portion mapped 1:1 to the 1080p monitor next to it. That is only if the 2160p monitor is twice the size of the 1080p one. Monitor physical size doesn't necessarily scale the same as the resolution. User should be able to decide how to scale it exactly.

And for the love of all holy, add a freaking settings menu or something.

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  • Karlovsky120 changed the title to Monitor size/resolution scaling

Agreed. And the developers are _well_ aware of the need for a settings menu. Threads go on and on with that (admittedly necessary) need.

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