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Why is Synergy so complicated to use?

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Why is synergy so difficult to use?

I mean, when it's working, it's all working flawlessly, but as soon as there is a problem, that's it, I can't do anything. The main GUI app is simple, okay, fine, but put a freaking button somewhere that will let me mess around with the options that the program is bound to have. I changed the name of my computer and synergy didn't detect the change. I could no longer connect it to any other computer. And I couldn't change the configuration manually because there's not an option anywhere. Not to mention the fact that I have no idea where it's installed, since it never asked. Then I had to reinstall the damned thing to get it to work. But, no dice, it still has the wrong name. Which means that your program is not uninstalling properly and is leaving garbage after itself.

I mean, come on, these are the basic things here. Allow me to configure the program that I bought, don't force me to open a freaking ticket or google around just to see how to open the freaking setting menu (which I still can't) or change some basic setting which should be trivial. Is that so hard? Can't you make an "advanced user" if you just don't want to give up to simplicity for the mainstream crowd?

Not to end on a ugly note, when the software works, I love it, it's fantastic, it makes working with two computers so much easier. You've got an awesome product, but, only as long as it works.

(I have the Windows version)

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2 hours ago, Gibbus said:

Synergy 2 is the definition of oversimplified....

True. That makes it really complicated to use when anything goes wrong. But litteraly anything.

1 hour ago, DanBlake said:

You might want to checkout the 1.x series of Synergy.

What's the difference in terms of options?

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Synergy is the most frustrating software I've ever used.
Every time I get an email telling me 2.0 has been improved and is better than ever, I uninstall 1.x and install 2.x - hoping for new features.
Every time I get disappointed.

Sure, it works, but the lack of features is a dealbreaker. I always thought the newer version would be more stable and have even better features.
2.0 feels too simplified. We need the options in 1.x in 2.x and still have the simplicity of 2.x. Just add a config button for advanced users?

I'm not testing 2.x until I see a screenshot with mapping of keys implemented.
Back to 1.x - for the nth time.

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Synergy 1.x isn't nearly as "automagical" as Synergy 2.x and isn't cloud based at all.  Being completely automated, and hands off, is one of Symless' goals with the 2.x versions.  From many requests & example use cases they are adding back some configuration options.  Even if it's just to shut us up, it's probably worth it to them :-)

Synergy 1.x is however much more configurable.  Whether it's through the GUI, manually editing the configuration file or editing the registry settings (in Windows of course).  Give it a try I think you'll like it.  By the way, if you purchased Synergy 2.x email Symless because they will give you downgrade rights.

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To add to the other voices here- Synergy 1.x is a far better experience.

Over-simplification does not make a better, or even simpler user experience.

I tried 2.x and rolled back to 1.x shortly. As you stated, any error requires a reinstall of the application because there is no configuration to reset.

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