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Synergy 2.0 FTW

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Jeremy Smith

I'd finally like to report....

I downloaded the latest version of Synergy 2 and it's working... so far so good.  I've been a Synergy user for probably 10+ years.  I'm not sure exactly when I first started using it, but it was a long, long time ago.  I basically abandoned the product for the last several years because it was simply unusable without significant issues.  Kudos to your team and thank you for getting this product back to where it once was.  Additionally, I never minded having to configure things myself in 1.1, but I installed this version and did 0 configuration.  I'm a software dev who routinely uses 3+ computers every day.  Being able to access them all without a hardware KVM or continuously swapping keyboards or bluetooth settings is fantastic.  I'm currently running on WIndows and 2 Macs and the experience is fantastic.

Awesome work!!

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