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So I noticed a few things that would be nice that have been sort of annoying that I have run into...

First - Define 'master' and 'Slave' defaults that override 'active'.

Found that in some situations, I have to lock the 'server' from allowing the mouse to go off screen, mostly in game situations.  But I also found, if I do something on the 'slave' computer and incidentally move the mouse to a 'locked' Master computer...  It caused me to not regain control of my mouse cursor, and accidentally closed out of something on the locked master computer.  Ideally, it would be nice to have a situation where I can make it so the master is 'master' and let me control the slave manually without accidentally lose my mouse cause it thinks it is now the master.

Second - Clients understand the 'scroll lock' 'lock screen' across the board.

As mentioned above...  I locked the main machine to keep mouse control there, but when doing something on the client machine, it ignored the fact that the main machine was locked, so then, cursor control becomes literally unusable.  If one of the machines is considered 'locked'...  All of them should be until one of them toggles the lock off.

Third - Default 'lock' on computer that is being manually controlled for cursor.

So, noticing a problem that is very annoying in how it is currently being handled.  I rebooted my Main computer, at the login screen...  Accidentally moved mouse to client side.  Unable to get back to main side, could not do anything on the client side.  Basically, went to 'limbo'.  Only way I could fix it was to go onto the client side, make it act like it was 'main' then go back to my main computer and then was able to regain control on the login screen.

This kind of behavior is kind of dangerous for people who accidentally do things like this, especially if they don't have anything linked to the other computer at the moment.

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