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Synergy and Linux Manjaro?

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My main machine is Manjaro Linux with 4x Monitors and my second pc is windows 10 x64 Professional with only one monitor.
I have installed from AUR the latest Version of synergy and I did the same with windows
I have login from both accounts to my synergy account and the only thing I see is the Synergy main window with the 2 computers inside. I can move the 2 pcs around and the same is happening to the other windows PC. Other than that I cannot do anything else , I Cant see the other pc or even share clipboard or even move mouse and keyboard.
I saw some videos on youtube but I really cant make it work.

In the youtube videos was just plug and play , Am I missing something???

Please let me know how to make this work

Thats all for now , any support will be much appreciated!

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