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Mouse jumping from linux "core" back to shared windows "core" after mouse is clicked in linux screen


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Windows 10. Ubuntu 18.04, default xorg.

My setup is that the windows machine has the keyboard and mouse connected to it and one "client" linux machine. Neither machine needs to hit a proxy. There is quite a bit in the log but towards the end you should see some:

[ Service ] [2018-05-01T21:08:28] debug: profile changed, storing local copy
[ Router  ] [2018-05-01T21:08:28] debug: ClientProxy: Received client connection for Win10Laptop from screen 150746
[ Router  ] [2018-05-01T21:08:28] debug: Error reading from core server: Operation canceled
[ Router  ] [2018-05-01T21:08:28] debug: Terminating core server read loop
[ Core    ] [2018-05-01T21:08:28] NOTE: client "Win10Laptop" has disconnected
[ Core    ] [2018-05-01T21:08:28] NOTE: accepted client connection
[ Core    ] [2018-05-01T21:08:28] DEBUG: received client "Win10Laptop" info shape=-1920,0 4480x1440 at -13541,32764
[ Core    ] [2018-05-01T21:08:28] NOTE: client "Win10Laptop" has connected

What is happening is that I will move to cursor  to transition to the linux machine and if I click somewhere on the linux machine, quite often, the mouse will jump back to the windows machine and then when I try to move back to the linux machine, the cursor will keep jumping back to the windows machine. For example, it took a few attempts to successfully (cursor did not jump back and then not transition screens w/o again jumping back) right click the synergy user interface on the linux screen to upload the log linked above.

I do not know if the above snippet is related but it is repeated in the log quite often.

Do I need some more verbose logging? Where should I go from here?

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