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Ctrl-Alt-Del From MacOS to Windows 10


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I see I'm kicking a dead horse here as this topic has been discussed to death, though I suppose the more people that raise concerns about this the higher the likelihood that it gets addressed.


I'm testing Synergy's applicability within my organisation. Currently we've just got the one license for testing purposes, with the intent to purchase more should we find our needs met. Though this is starting to seem very unlikely due to egregious shortcomings in the feature-set of Synergy 2. As it stands my infrastructure is mixed: Windows; Linux; MacOS; BSD, etc. Due to security requirements RDP is is not permitted within the organisation, along with any such similar third party application/s. Where Synergy appeared to abate certain issues caused by strict organisational requirements, insofar as multiple inputs are required per user, this seems not to be the case. Users are as yet unable to function without multiple keyboards or a KVM appliance, negating what would appear to be the core concept of Synergy.


Therefore, such that Synergy is in it's current state, I cannot justify needless expenditure. This of course until such time that the anorexic feature-set is expanded upon to more closely meet the needs of the enterprise.


Naturally I state all this under correction and welcome any advice with regards to possible solutions I have not yet attempted.



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