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Client Mouse 50% Server Speed - Synergy 2.0.10

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I just installed Synergy 2.0.10. When I mouse across my client PC, my mouse cursor only moves roughly half the distance across my screen as when I perform the same mousing motions on my server PC. To be as clear as possible, when I position the mouse cursor on the far left of my server machine and move my mouse 1 inch horizontally, the mouse cursor traverses my entire screen. If I perform the same test on my client PC, the mouse only traverses half of the screen.

There doesn't appear to be any mouse configuration settings in the new Synergy 2 setup UI. I attempted to change the mouse pointer speed in Windows settings on the client PC, but it has no effect on my cursor speeds through Synergy. I'm generally not seeing any stutter in cursor movement -- mousing is just as smooth on the client as the server -- so it doesn't appear to be a network connectivity issue.

If I were to take a guess, I imagine the issue is related to the screen resolution sizes, but I have no way to confirm (as far as I know). System setups:

Windows 10 64-bit
Wired Ethernet Network
5 Monitors, all 1920x1080

Windows 10 64-Bit
Wireless WiFi Network
1 Monitor, 3840x2160

Any help would be greatly appreciated! :)

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I inverted my client/server configuration, so the 4K screen is now the server and the 1080 screen is the client. Now I have the reverse problem -- a mouse motion on the 1080 client is twice as fast as the same mouse motion on the 4K machine.

Is there any way to make Synergy aware of the screen resolutions to correct this issue?

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Nick Bolton

Sorry that you're having problems. Have you contacted our support team yet? https://symless.com/contact/customer-support

If you'd rather get help here on the forums, that's fine too. Please could you share your log links for all of your computers? Often people can only help you troubleshoot if you share your log links. Please make sure you share only the actual log links (not the log file contents). Here's how...


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