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The GUI on 2.0.10 is working great!

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I've been running 2.0.10 for a few days now and it suddenly dawned on me that the Graphical User Interface is significantly improved.

I'm kinda' like the canary in the coal mine when a new version is released. If something can go wrong, it'll happen to me. So, unless I need a screen, I usually leave the UI up so I can watch what is happening with Synergy. My setup of 5 machines includes Linux, Win 10, Win 7, 64 bit and 32 bit, wired and wireless. 

In past versions, the information one could see on the UI was often unreliable. Like showing the 'connecting' animation constantly when it was actually working fine.

In the last few days, the UI has accurately reflected the state of my Synergy universe! I noticed instantly when a little wireless 32-bit laptop lost its connection, an hour or so after starting. A quick reconnect to Synergy service fixed it, but the point is, the GUI served its purpose. 

The UI has become a valuable dashboard for Synergy.

:) KUDOS to the Synergy development team!

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