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Key Mapping Issue

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I am currently using Synergy 1.9.1 due to connection issues with 2.0.9.

The problem I find with Synergy is key map with Windows key.

First, my setting with Synergy is Server is Windows machine and Client is macOs.

When I am browsing Chrome (including other browsers) on macOs, I use cmd + L to select address bar.

If I press key cmd + L on macOs, it locks Windows machine (server) and loose ability to use Synergy share mouse/keyboard.

I unlocked the Windows machine, but it still gets some time to get back to the ability of Synergy share mouse/keyboard.

Is there a way to prevent this locking Windows machine? is there a way to re-mapping?


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Nick Bolton

Sadly Microsoft blocks the intercept of Win+L for security reasons. How about mapping Shift+Win+L to Win+L on the client?

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