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short keys alt+s Polish language


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version 2.0.9 is to switch the capturing computer using the alt + s keyboard shortcut. But in Polish, the alt + s key combination gives the letter "ś" commonly used in spelling. And it is so that when typing on the intercepting computer I have a sudden jump on the computer that hosts the keyboard and mouse. I am asking for a hint in the solution of the topic.

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Today I just bought Synergy and my version is "synergy_1.13.1-stable", still got this problem.

Both machines are Windows 10.

Once I move cursor to a client then I press "alt+shift" to change language between Thai<>English, the system in a client shown the language had changed already but when I type the language it's automatically change back to be same language that the Server used. 

Scenario-1: I used English in a Server then move cursor to a client, press "alt+shift" on a client to change to Thai everything looking good but when I type it's has back to English

Scenario-2: I used Thai in a Server then move cursor to a client, press "alt+shift" on a client to change to English it didn't change back to Thai in this time but I got only "???????" when typing even I change to Thai in a client I still got only "???????????" when typing.

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