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Win10 -> Ubuntu 16.04. Mouse pointer ends up in upper right corner


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Have an Win10 PC with keyboard attached and Ubuntu laptop with external monitor, and Ubuntu is usually used with the lid closed.

When both PC's are unlocked version 2.0.8 works fine. However locking the Ubuntu PC and the mouse pointer ends up in the upper right corner of the Ubuntu PC (external monitor). Cannot move the mouse at all, and therfore not get back on WIn10 PC or get to pwd prompt on Ubuntu to unlock it.

Only way to 'release' is use keyboard on Ubuntu laptop, type in pwd and then 'Share from Ubuntu' and back to 'Share from Win10' again.

Ubuntu log: https://synergy-logs.symless.com/6b0b2043ecf5013c7a40dade880a77d2/logs/22489-2018-04-07T08-05-45.log

Win10 Log: https://synergy-logs.symless.com/6b0b2043ecf5013c7a40dade880a77d2/logs/22489-2018-04-07T08-08-42.log




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Hello Coj,

I had this issue with my environment (Windows 10/macOS). Its gone away after I updated to 2.0.9. Maybe it'll be fixed for you as well.


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Echo the above. 2.0.9 is working great on my Windows-Ubuntu connection.

Also, occasionally when I have had a lost or locked mouse I've been able to get it back by pressing Cntr on the server.

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