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Multi monitor support

Dan Shechter Gelles

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Dan Shechter Gelles

Here is my setup:




My host (synergy server) spans 3 screens. Under host2 screen (a screen that belongs to the host/server) I have Client 1 screen.


I wish when I could move my mouse from host2 screen straight down to client 1 screen.


Now to get from host2 screen to client1 screen I have to move in this sequence: host2->host3->client 1


Hope this makes sense...


Thanks, Dan

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  • Synergy Team
Nick Bolton

Cool! What monitor is that? We’re planning to add this feature in Synergy 2.1. Though it’ll be a few months away.

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I currently have V2 of Synergy and love it by the way. I run 4 laptops and an extra monitor off one laptop. Currently Synergy does not know that it is moving across another monitor on the same OS environment. It treats your extended desktop as one big screen unfortunately.


It looks like you want this if I'm correct or something similar:

4K, 4 Input Monitor

Compter 2               Computer1 Screen1
  Computer1 Screen1  Computer1 Screen2

To use this config you need to use seperate cables for each screen and extend your desktop in Windows (or whatever OS your using). You can also configure the position of your extended desktop in windows to match how you want them on your 4-input monitor, but you probably know that already. I'm not sure how your running your extended screens. Maybe you can elaborate more.


I don't have this monitor but will be getting the LG 43ud79 after my vacation and Synergy will be configured like this:


4K, 4 input Monitor + Server Laptop w/2 Screens + 3 laptops

           Laptop 3               Laptop  4  
   Laptop 1 Screen 1&2   Laptop  2 
Laptop1 Screens 1&2 Side-by-Side Extended Desktop


           Laptop 3               Laptop  4  
   Laptop 1 Screen 1&2   Laptop  2 
Laptop1 Screens 1&2 Top-to-Bottom Extended Desktop


What sucks about this is Synergy doesn't know that it has transversed across another screen on the same OS environment. So for me to move my mouse from Laptop 4 to Screen1 of Laptop 1 I will have to move my mouse from Laptop4 to Laptop3's left half to drop into Laptop1 Screen1. I could go diagonally from Laptop4 to Laptop1, but that will land my cursor in Laptop1 Screen2. I could also stack my extended desktop in Windows on Laptop1 but that means now I'm splitting Laptop2 to get my cursor into either Laptop1 Screen 1/2. To me this is a minor inconvenience and it's very nice to see that Nick is aware of it. 


In the above scenario I will configure laptop 1 (The Server) to stack my extended monitor screen on top of the laptops, then in Synergy arrange all the screens as shown. It's really that easy. This will feel more natural to me as I will be using the screen on the laptop and it will be below the 43" monitor. 

It will look like this on my desk:


                           LG 43ud79
           Laptop 3         Laptop  4  
   Laptop 1 Screen2   Laptop  2 
Laptop1  Screen1

            My Gaming Laptop

I hope this was this was helpful.



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Dan Shechter Gelles

Nice write-up!

I am happy to see more monitors offering 4 inputs.

I wish there was 8k monitor doing that. I know I sound like a pig, 4k monitor means that each quarter is not ultra HD...

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I second this. I made a post on another thread. I have two ultrawide and a standard wide. But now I also have a laptop on the left. Fortunately the two computers are a windows platform so I can use another software which does support multimonitor setups. However my laptop is my work mac and that software doesn't support macs so this would be awesome to have for Synergy.


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On 4/24/2018 at 1:33 PM, JSharpie said:

...Fortunately the two computers are a windows platform so I can use another software which does support multimonitor setups...

Hey JSharpie, what software are you using?

Synergy 2.x indicates a big change in direction for this software ('cloud' rights management, auto config), and I am looking for alternatives.

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