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Connected to server but mouse not moving..

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Alex Park
Hi, I connected two Mac laptops. I finally got them to connect after an hour or so of "failing to find host". Now, it shows on both screen that Synergy is working, and connected to server BUT I can't get the mouse to move between the two screens. Please help or issue refund. Thank you...
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Daniel Vitale
Hello, Im having the same issue... Im trying to go from Yosemite 10.10.3 OSX to a Mavericks 10.9 OSX. I installed the Mavericks Synergy client on the Mavericks build and the Yosemite client on the Yosemite build. It says that its connected but i don't see any movement with the mouse or keyboard. On the server i have Apple bluetooth mouse and keyboard that im trying to share with the Mavericks client. Will it work with wireless devices? I am in a business environment and using their wireless network. Does it have to be connected to hard wire connection. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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