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"warning: sharing from computer that is not connected"

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Two machine setup: Mint Linux (Debian/Ubuntu based) and Windows 7 Professional. 2.0.7-stable on both.

Mint installed fine, and shows me a single green computer box on the config screen.

Windows is giving me a single grey computer box -- which documentation says to ignore, it should be working fine.


Except the log says it's not.

[ Service ] [2018-03-14T22:19:05] error: failed to start server core process: Can't find screen: BlackCyclone
[ Config  ] [2018-03-14T22:19:05] warning: sharing from computer that is not connected

Attempting to right click and selecting "share from..." gives me

[ Service ] [2018-03-14T22:36:00] debug: core is already in server mode, ignoring switch
[ Config  ] [2018-03-14T22:36:00] warning: sharing from computer that is not connected

The two computers are on the same network, same netmask, and can otherwise interact just fine. And worked well enough in Synergy 1. This is the primary problem, I suppose: they're not showing each other on their respective config screens.


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I only have one account with Symless, and I used the saved password my browser had on both -- so I'm certain it was the same account. If I still had Synergy 2 installed, I would verify, but I've replaced it with Synergy 1 as I ran out of time to troubleshoot.

I attempted to file a support ticket, but never took a log on the Linux computer, and it won't let me submit unless both logs are active (the "yes" I want to submit anyway doesn't work).

Thanks. Maybe I'll try again next version.

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