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Relative mouse moves option for gaming on clients


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As is present in Synergy 1, it would be great if Synergy 2 would have the option to enable sending of relative mouse positions from the server. Without this option it is impossible to play games on a client using Synergy. As I've stated in my self support post I can see the option present in the config file on linux (set to false) but that file is overwritten whenever the synergy service is restarted.

This seems like it could be easy to fix in the short term (at least for those willing to edit config manually) and I'm a little surprised that this hasn't been raised by anyone else (unless my searching has missed it) as I'd assumed gaming on a client would be a fairly common use case.

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I agree that all options like this should be lain bare to the end user. But question...

Why introduce that latency into your game playing?

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even if relative movements introduce some latency it is still better than nothing - because it is literally impossible to play First-Person Games using absolute Mouse Movements: The Looking Direction is always fixed in a certain Corner with absolute Movements.

Also i think this was already brought up... wanted to reply there, but since this Topic just popped up....



Example cases i played recenty:

=> Subnautica

=> X Rebirth


EDIT: and if you meant why use Synergy for Playing: not all first Person Games are that hectic that you must keep latency at minimum no matter the cost... i also like to move the Mouse out of the Game and browse the Web a bit on another Machine, for example to look something up...

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I'd like to echo @UniTrader's reply, it's literally impossible to play a lot of games without this feature, so gaming in a lot of cases over Synergy requires this.

To cover in the broader sense why you might want to game over Synergy at all:

I'm using Synergy to control a VM; Linux host and a Windows guest. The Windows guest is for programming and gaming. The Windows guest runs headless and displays off a video card that is passed through to it, there is no possibility of host passthrough of mouse / key events. From here there are two options to control it: Synergy or passthrough of a USB mouse and keyboard. Synergy is by far more convenient at the sacrifice of latency and reliability. In short Synergy allows for convenient mouse and keyboard control for gaming if you can stomach the introduced latency. I've found that unless you're playing a competitive FPS it's really not a big deal.

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I, too, wish for this feature.  I have a similar setup to radman0x.  In Synergy v1, I had things configured so that I could use Scroll-Lock to lock to the Windows guest, and then the mouse would work as expected in a game.

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