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[RESOLVED]"Share from computer x" and nothing happens?

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Just bought this and to my surprise I found no start-up guide on the website while logged in or not.
While searching around the web everywhere I looked they were saying to install as server on one computer and client on the others, makes sense.
No such option is available on the newest version. After installing on two computers I have both logged in and both their names show up when I start Synergy.
The issue is that all I can do is to choose to share from one or the other and nothing happens!

- I have restarted both computers
- I have reinstalled the program on both computers
- I have restarted the Synergy service on both computers
- I have deleted all registry entries and files and then reinstalled.

Nothing helps.

I also tried installing v1,9 which asks if I'm installing server or client but this wants a serial key that I don't have.
Is there a working version I can download from somewhere?

I saw someone saying they're going back to v1.8.8 would that work? If so where do I download it?


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All the above is possible. 

First, let's try to see what's not right with your system. You've done some good troubleshooting.

What OSs are you running? On the UI, are the displays grey or bright green? Are they arranged adjacent, with touching sides? 

Forum moderaters put together an UNOFFICIAL documentation, link is below.

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The "server" computer runs Windows 10 Pro and the client runs Windows 10 Home.
In Synergy they are bright green and yes they are touching sides.
If I right-click the "client" and choose "Share from Client" there is a small white dot that moves from the "server" computer I'm sitting on to the client pc,
it stays ther for a few seconds until it moves back to the "server" again.

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So far, so good. Both machines are being seen by Synergy. The dot is showing which is currently acting as the server. 

Does the keyboard work on the server machine? 

You're saying the mouse won't cross over?

By chance is the scroll-lock activated on either?

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I think I must have misunderstood the entire consept.
I watched Linus Tech Tips and he had an AD in his video for Synergy and in his ad he had several different computers on the same screen.
Thinking of it, that was a function of the screen he was using not Synergy.

Feeling quite stupid with all the time I have wasted tonight, the other computer being in another room I wouldn't see if the mouse worked there.
Now I took the wireless mouse over to the other room and it worked like a charm.

In other words there is nothing wrong, just me misunderstanding the ad.


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I saw that video. Great looking screen!

I'm glad you figured it out. I call those 'slap-head moments'.


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