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(Mac) Change computer name in Synergy control panel

Jeff Dickison

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Jeff Dickison

Computer 1 and Computer 2 are identical Mac computers. Computer 2 was restored from a backup from Computer 1 and then properly renamed (several weeks ago).
Today I removed Synergy 1 from  four of my computers and installed Synergy 2.0.6 
The problem I'm having is that Synergy is trying to run Computer 2 under the same name as Computer 1 and is not showing up on the control panel and obviously, I am not able to run both at the same time. 
What makes this even MORE frustrating is when I try to submit a ticket, I have to include the log file BUT the system will not allow 2 log files from the same computer name.

Please advise how I can change the computer name so that it registers on the Synergy control panel.  


Thanks in advance

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Out of curiosity, is the network name duplicated without you knowing it? For example, if you ping (by name) each computer, do you run into problems? (check to make sure you don't have two IPs with the same name)... could be DHCP is confused.

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Jeff Dickison

Great question JML!

No, they do not have the same network name.  Per your suggestion, I pinged by name and each IP has the correct corresponding name, no duplicates.  

I even searched all files for the name that was showing up. I found one instance of it in a .plist associated with Synergy and I deleted it and all other Synergy related files after uninstalling per the sticky post.  Re-booted, checked again, all seemed clear, reinstalled and the old name was back.

I am curious where Synergy is pulling the name from or which file dictates it, I'd just go in and change it manually.  

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Thanks for the post and the assistance, all.

I realise that I'm a couple of years late to this party, however; I'm afraid I've not enjoyed the same success, unfortunately.

(I'm using Synergy 2.0.12 beta, for what it's worth.)

So, I've followed the aforementioned steps, successfully renaming by 'HostName', 'LocalHostName' and 'ComputerName'.  All fine... yet the previous name remains.

I've then:

  • Reinstalled the application;
  • Removed the affected device from the "master" view.

At that point, I access Synergy using the affected device and sign in with 'Symless'.  Shortly after... voila!  The correct name appears.  Everything looks great, right?  Right?!

Unfortunately, shortly after, the original name reverts... I just can't imagine where/how that might be referenced.

Any ideas?  Please?

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